The Ivory

Another podium with the normal array of surface finishes that are required in a high-end apartment block. Tiles raised grass beds and planters. There was also a carpark surface area .

ArchitectLeuschke Group
ContractorArgon Construction
SystemPodium Deck System
Size1000 m2

This was another project with Leuschke Architects where we were selected and assisted at design stage for all the detailing to the multiple podium areas and all the complex detailing that is required on these projects. As a supply and installation company we can also come up with details as the project is progressing and this allows the project to flow quicker due to the quick response time in decision making.

Leuschke Group once again choose our Pacoflex Mastic Asphalt system for this high-end apartment block. The podium transitioned from the podium waterproofing system to car park system, which can be done effortlessly and seamlessly with our Pacoflex. Once again there were multiple penetrations and complex details to be completed during installation of the product but our team of time served craftsmen detailed these easily to multiple shapes.

Asphaltech solution

Often used over undercover car parks to retail and residential buildings, usually uninsulated.

System used

Podium Deck System

Podium Deck System

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