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Our Products

IKO Pacoflex is the result of extensive research and development, and the careful selection of polymers to provide improved performance in all flat roof specifications.

IKO Pacoflex can be applied to form a continuous waterproof covering over flat, sloped or curved surfaces. It can be worked round pipes, roof lights and other projections to provide a completely seam free membrane.

IKO Pacoflex mastic asphalt is suitable for insulated warm roofs, un-insulated cold roofs and inverted/green roof configurations.

Flat Roof System

Suitable for low pitch roofs and maintenance foot traffic.

Car Park Trafficable System

A waterproof membrane and vehicular trafficable system all in one.

Green Roof System

Increased thermal gain, reducing noise, and aesthetically pleasing.

Podium Terrace Roof System

A monolithic instalation suitable for staged construction (zero fall solution).

Inverted Insulated Roof System

A protected membrane system and insulation all in one (zero fall solution).

Warm Roof Thermal System

Increases thermal gain and provides a suitable substrate for Mastic Asphalt.

Asphaltech Mastic Asphalt System 20 Year Guarantee

All Asphaltech Mastic Asphalt Systems include a 20 Year Guarantee

Hot melt waterproofing systems have a successful track record of over 50 years. Today, many prestigious buildings in the UK have incorporated a hot melt system, utilising its numerous benefits which include excellent life expectancy, extreme high performance and competitive installed costs.

The installed IKO Permatec system provides a tough, flexible, self-sealing membrane which is suitable for use in most protected membrane roofs (e.g. Inverted or paved roof areas) and structural waterproofing applications.

Inverted Ballasted Roof System

A flexible self-healing membrane that is laid to Zero falls then is protected with XPS insulation which both insulates and protects the membrane.

Podium Deck System

A monolithic self-healing structural membrane laid to zero fall and topped with various finishes.

Intensive Green Roof System

A monolithic zero fall solution that is Insulated and protected system suitable for dense planting.

Extensive Green Roof System

A monolithic zero fall green roof solution that is suitable for sedum blankets.

Biodiverse Brown Roof System

A Flexible self-healing membrane that is laid monolithic to zero falls suitable for biodiverse roofs.

Substructure Waterproofing System

A fully bonded flexible hard wearing below grade tanking membrane.

Asphaltech Mastic Asphalt System 20 Year Guarantee

All Asphaltech Permatec Systems include a 20 Year Guarantee

As an accredited CPD provider for the NZIA we have comprehensive presentations on the versatility of products available from Asphaltech Waterproofing. This masterclass is designed to help architects and design professionals gain a better understanding of structural waterproofing, best practice and understanding shallow falls, while accruing formal CPD points. Certification for LPB is also available.

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