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Fabric Apartments, Onehunga

This project was an exceptionally large apartment project is Onehunga which consisted of 3 buildings resting on a large podium landscaped area situated over the basement carpark. Our company was once again engaged with the Architects at the design stage to specify the correct products in the right situations. Also, we worked through the details and junctions that would cause difficulty with the facade elements.

ArchitectAshton Mitchel
ContractorKalmar Construction
SystemPodium Terrace Deck
Size5000 m2
Fabric Apartments Onehunga

For the balconies we selected our Permatec system due to is light weight and ease of installation to the decks. Due to its monolithic nature Asphaltech dressed into the doorways windows and cladding first and left a small lap to join onto. By doing this Kalmar were able to install all the façade windows and cladding and then Asphaltech would come back and finish the decks complete.

The podium was specified with Pacoflex our robust hard waring product that has stood the test of time in many of New Zealand’s roofs and podiums. The podium was installed in multiple section at varying times throughout the 3 years of the project. The finished design of the apartments is to an extremely high standard.

Fabric Apartments side
Asphaltech solution

Often used over undercover car parks to retail and residential buildings, usually uninsulated.

System used

Podium Deck System

Podium Deck System

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