Park Residence

The plant room roof areas were needing a trafficable solution for maintenance traffic and the lower level decks areas required a system that was monolithic with no laps so the pedestal system would sit flush onto the waterproofing finish.

ArchitectLeuschke Group
SystemFlat Roof System
Size800 m2

Pacoflex with added aggregates was selected for the plant room roof, a system that allows maintenance foot traffic throughout the life of the building whilst still serving as a waterproofing product.

The lower deck areas were specified without addition of aggregates due to a covering with decorative tiles on a pedestal jack system.

Asphaltech solution

Mastic Asphalt is the ultimate flat roofing system and has been used extensively over hundreds of years. It has stood the test of time, protecting many of New Zealand’s most prestigious buildings. Pacoflex Mastic Asphalt is recognized for its durability and effectiveness as a waterproofing system. It is suitable for potable water use and can be finished in a range of colours.

System used

Flat Roof System

Flat Roof System

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