Datacom Data Centre

When it comes to storing some of New Zealand’s leading companies’ data, selecting quality and reliable waterproofing products and services is paramount. With this in mind. Mastic Asphalt roofing system was specified and applied by Asphaltech.

ContractorFletcher Construction
SystemFlat Roof System
Size500 m2

This System was laid effortlessly to the concrete substrate and then painted with a solar reflective coating. The project was well organised and straight forward. This we believe has provided the client with an efficient and effective long-term roofing solution that will still be waterproofed in many years to come.

Asphaltech solution

Mastic Asphalt is the ultimate flat roofing system and has been used extensively over hundreds of years. It has stood the test of time, protecting many of New Zealand’s most prestigious buildings. Pacoflex Mastic Asphalt is recognized for its durability and effectiveness as a waterproofing system. It is suitable for potable water use and can be finished in a range of colours.

System used

Flat Roof System

Flat Roof System

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