Bellus Apartments

A very large podium and small deck areas over the basement carpark had to have a waterproofing product placed before a range of finishes were installed such as a decorative exposed aggregate concrete wear slab which once complete was designed to allow vehicular traffic to park on the podium area. So, the waterproofing below must be robust enough to cope with the shear and movement. There were raised grass beds areas, areas of timber decking and tiles on pedestal system. Plus, tree pits and planter boxes.

ArchitectWarren Mahoney
ContractorKalmar Construction
SystemPacoflex Deck System
Size3000 m2

Kalmar had discussed using our mastic asphalt with the Architect and client as they had good knowledge of our product and knew how easy it was to install and how robust it was and were very aware that it could stand construction damage during the project. So, our Pacoflex podium system was selected and applied in a staged nature to this large award-winning Todd Property project.

Asphaltech solution

Often used over undercover car parks to retail and residential buildings, usually uninsulated.

System used

Podium Deck System

Podium Deck System

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