Auckland War Memorial Museum

For the last 14 years Asphaltech has been entrusted to maintain and upgrade the Museums many roofs, parapets, and ponds. The Auckland Museum has over 5000m2 of Mastic Asphalt on the roof of this famous landmark.

ArchitectSalmond Reed Architects
ContractorWatts & Hughes Construction
SystemFlat Roof System

Asphaltech carried out a survey of an existing mastic asphalt roof that was over 80 years old. There was none or minimal fall on the existing roof and many defects were present.

The only solution for the 1887 roof was to remove the existing membrane with great care. The roof would be replaced with new polymer modified mastic asphalt with a new solar coating to reflect the harsh New Zealand sun. Mastic asphalt was used as a screed to create falls on the existing substrate. The finished outcome was outstanding with no water ponding whatsoever.

Asphaltech had been asked to consult on the existing membrane that was applied to the parapet and propose a solution for renewal.

Asphaltech suggested that the existing membrane was to be removed new falls created in the parapet to allow the water to flow and renew the copper flashing. The complete parapet is being replaced with 2 X 10mm of Pacoflex polymer modified mastic asphalt roofing. This process is going to be carried out over a 3-year period of staged construction which is easily achieved by monolithic mastic asphalt.

At present there are a few ongoing projects being carried out to upgrade the museum and its collection Asphaltech are working with Jasmax and Aspec construction on 2 of these projects carrying out reworks to some roof areas and locating new plant.

At the museum is carried out by liaising directly with the Historical Architects to ensure an appropriate solution is found

Asphaltech have carried out a cyclical maintenance on this wonderful structure for many years now. Spending time maintaining the existing old roof with small repairs of when new plant or equipment is being installed. Asphaltech is engaged to create a new detail and tie into the existing structure.

Asphaltech solution

Mastic Asphalt is the ultimate flat roofing system and has been used extensively over hundreds of years. It has stood the test of time, protecting many of New Zealand’s most prestigious buildings. Pacoflex Mastic Asphalt is recognized for its durability and effectiveness as a waterproofing system. It is suitable for potable water use and can be finished in a range of colours.

System used

Flat Roof System

Flat Roof System

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