GE Money Building Auckland

This project was one of Asphaltech very first projects. Asphaltech was established in late 2006 and was working on this project throughout 2006-2007 Neuchatel had been sold by Downer EDI to Nuralite and Asphaltech was the only installer in New Zealand who could install Neuchatel mastic asphalt.

ArchitectJYC Architects
ContractorMansons TCLM
SystemPodium Terrace System
Size2800 m2

This large podium contract was carried out in stages. Firstly, the mastic asphalt up-stands were applied to allow all the windows to be installed. Asphaltech then returned at the end of the contract to apply the horizontal areas and planters. The whole area was then covered in an exposed aggregate concrete wear slab. The result was an effective, timely and quality finish to this large podium area was incredibly attractive. The warranty to this building of 15 years runs out and we have not been back once to this project.

Asphaltech solution

Extremely strong, durable and can be easily formed/molded to complex shapes the premium Podium system is perfect for modern construction. In its malleable state, when hot, it allows a full range of surface finishes from the mastic asphalt wearing layer, which can be stamped with patterns, coloured or just smooth flat providing a stable base for overlaying various surface finishes from the pavers on pedestals systems to simple decorative pebbled surfaces.

System used

Podium Terrace System

Podium Terrace System

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