Auckland University of Technology

The clients brief was simple they wanted a product that was durable and would last the lifetime of the building. Being as the podium was protecting some expensive equipment sound equipment below. There was only one choice to make Mastic asphalt.

ContractorFletcher Construction
SystemPodium Deck System
Size800 m2

Due to the monolithic nature, strength, durability, and overall performance of mastic asphalt it was selected for this project. As the product is seamless there was less opportunity for ponding on the surface. A specification of 2x10mm of mastic asphalt roofing was selected to the complete surface except in the tree pits where there was a 3x10mm to the high vertical surfaces. The complete surface was then covered with a concrete wear slab and tree planting to the raised planter areas. Once again New Zealand’s largest mastic Asphalt Company had great success.

Asphaltech solution

Often used over undercover car parks to retail and residential buildings, usually uninsulated.

System used

Podium Deck System

Podium Deck System

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